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I couldn’t care less about your religion or sexual orientation or race or whether you’re a virgin or have slept with 400 people or have done time in jail

but the moment you eat my leftovers without asking that’s when i decide you’re a terrible person


Killian + tongue porn in “The Jolly Roger”

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Fun Facts about Mean Girls:
1. Initially, Lindsay Lohan was cast as Regina, but decided to play the “nice girl” so the public wouldn’t base her real personality on Regina’s.
2. Amanda Seyfried was initially supposed to play Cady, Lindsay Lohan’s part.
3. Tim Meadows broke his hand before shooting and had to wear a cast, so the explanation that his character Mr. Duvall had carpal tunnel was added.
4. In the scene where Cady was asked if her “muffin was buttered”, the line was originally going to be, “Is your cherry popped?” The same goes for the girl who “made out with a hot dog” this was going to be “masturbated with a hot dog”. These were omitted in order for the film to gain a PG 13+ rating instead of a R.
5. Ashley Tisdale auditioned for Karen Smith.
6. Lindsay Lohan’s character is named “Cady”, which has a common pronunciation (“Katie”) but an uncommon spelling for an American girl’s first name. In keeping with the film’s theme of female empowerment, it is the same spelling of the birth last name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an 18th-century pioneer in the American Women’s Rights movement.
7. In real life, Rachel McAdams is 8 years older than Lindsay Lohan, who plays her classmate, and only 7 years younger than Amy Poehler, who plays her mother.
8. When casting the film, Tina Fey picked Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels) because he looked like Jimmy Fallon.
9. Mean Girls is based on the book “Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence” by Rosalind Wiseman, even though it is a non-fiction parental self-help guide with no narrative at all.
10. Rachel McAdams’ hair was a wig.
11. The skirts for the Christmas talent show were made of plastic; the costume designer says they were made of that fabric to “represent the Plastics”.
12. David Reale, a Canadian actor born 1984, was the man who played Glen Coco. Sadly, this crucial role was not credited in the movie.

This tho.

two things: Glenn Coco has a face and omg her hair was wig!!?!?!?! 
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 this year in Vancouver they painted rainbow crosswalks for PRIDE, turns out the city loved them so much they are keeping them permanently!
I found out about this and thought it was so cool I had to upload a picture
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